Oleobi was born in the 80s and is one of the leading global players in the design and construction of hydraulic power units in the industrial sector.

The production lines are divided into:

  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)
  • Hydraulic Manifolds
  • Test benches
  • On-site commissioning and Service & Maintenance
  • Hydraulic components distribution

From 2016 Oleobi is a member of Flodraulic group and is focused on the introduction and the development of people that, at a technical, engineering and managerial level, can contribute to the growth that an international group can aspire to.

Oleobi wishes to be the ideal partner for highly complex projects on the most demanding applications: for this reason it boasts state-of-the-art process and product certifications issued by the most prestigious international authorities.


Take a few minutes, to embark on a captivating exploration of Oleobi’s world, discovering our values, our vision, and our dedication to excellence. It’s more than just a corporate video, it will take you on a journey to explore our world and dive deep into what we stand for.
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