For years Oleobi has been collaborating with some of the main building firms in the design, construction, starting-up and maintenance of large and complex automatic foundry installations.
Oleobi’s installations are able to handle huge loads with high accelerations and decelerations, and to regulate labour force during moulding.

In particular, we produce:

• Casting systems.
• Rolling mill systems.
• Moulding line systems.
• Installations for core shooter machines.
• Drum and pan mill control systems.
• Installations for core shooter machines.

  • Manifold, HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) and Integrated System full engineering
  • Fluid dynamics simulation
  • Structural calculation
  • Deep analysis and check of every single system parameter with specific and official report release
  • Final operational test of the whole system
  • World Wide commissioning with high level expertise technicians
  • Rigid and flexible piping and on-site full assistance
  • 40 years-experience in the hydraulic field and a very passionate team of engineers and technicians who work every day close to our customers