We designs and builds the whole hydraulic installation for agricultural machines for hay harvesting and many other cultivations.
In particular, Oleobi supplies:

• Auxiliary functions command manifold with all adjustment valves integrated.
• Feeding speed adjustment manifold for the main transport roller.
• Speed adjustment manifold for comb rollers, hedgehog web and transversal hedgehog web for the loading and cleaning of the harvested material.

  • Manifold, HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) and Integrated System full engineering
  • Fluid dynamics simulation
  • Structural calculation
  • Deep analysis and check of every single system parameter with specific and official report release
  • Final operational test of the whole system
  • World Wide commissioning with high level expertise technicians
  • Rigid and flexible piping and on-site full assistance
  • 40 years-experience in the hydraulic field and a very passionate team of engineers and technicians who work every day close to our customers