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Oleobi s.r.l. a Socio Unico via Don Minzoni, 28
Fraz. Cadriano
40057 - Granarolo dell'Emilia (Bologna)

+39 051 6065111

Oleobi s.r.l. - Padova via Lisbona, 28/A
35127 - Camin (Padova)

emPOWERing smart solutions connecting technologies

Oleobi engineers and develops integrated hydraulic systems for the most demanding industrial applications

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Installation of a new hydraulic power unit for the forming plant with monitoring of the parameters for preventive and predictive…

Distributors of

Sun Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valves, Oleobi is the unique authorized distributor in Italy for Sun Hydraulics products. To guarantee our customers an effective fast and safe service you can buy the Sun hydraulics products also on our e-commerce.
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