HPU and control systems for the sector of tunnelling machinery, as far as:
• Skid-mounted HPU, directly integrable on the mill (TBM).
• Main push cylinders control systems.
• Belt control systems.
• Stabilizer control systems.
• Shield articulation control system.
• Tilt and grippers control systems.
• Erector control systems.


Power: up to 2800 kW [3750 hp]
Flow rate: up to 1600 l/min [420 gpm]
Pressure: up to 420 bar [6000 psi]
Temperature: -40 °C +60 °C [-40 °F +140 °F]
Certifications: according to: ATEX, SIL, PED requirements
Process Control: WPS, PQR, NDT, mechanical stress and wearing tests
Engineering international standards: IEC61508, IEC61511, ASME, EU Directives rules and specifi cations
Painting: based on customer specifications
Surface treatments: galvanization, electrolytic protections
Materials: steel, aluminum

• ATEX components
• Water cooled electric motors
• Titanium plate heat exchanger
• Swagelok®, Gyrolok®, Ermeto® fittings
• High Flow closed circuit

• Manifold, HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) and Integrated System full engineering
• Fluid dynamics simulation
• Structural calculation
• Deep analysis and check of every single system parameter with specific and official report release
• Final operational test of the whole system
• World Wide commissioning with high level expertise technicians
• Rigid and flexible piping and on-site full assistance
• 40 years-experience in the hydraulic field and a very passionate team of engineers and technicians who work every day close to our customers